Here, we want to discuss game trends to look out for in your opponents and what to do when you find them:

Constantly skipping a move on the river

The most common type of hold’em game is to skip the river.

You may be doing it yourself. You called before the flop, got a good hand, and you bet the flop and turn. But since the river didn’t bring anything special, you missed the move, in case your opponents have a stronger hand.

Catch your opponent doing this, and you have all the chances of bluffing, since your opponent already suspects that your cards are better than him.


This is a classic trick. If a player misses a move, raises bets on the turn, then places bets on the river, it is because that player has great cards. In fact, this is the most common tactic in this situation.

They quietly call on the flop, pass-raise the bet on the turn and then, unless the river throws up unexpected surprises, they bet again, beating all those who were not smart enough to fold.

When you see a pass-raise on the turn, fold unless you have:

  • Great combination
  • Draw to a better hand

Fold may not be as exciting as placing bets, but ignore this warning at your own risk.

Discarding the Flop

If your opponent bets or raises before the flop and folds when he sees the cards, you can be sure that you are a very careful player.

This type of opponent, who has received standing hole cards, such as a pair of jacks or an ace-king, will be able to take a time out if the flop threatens the hand in any way.

The next time that player sees the flop and places a bet, assume he has a decent hand. Determine if your hand is strong enough to play your opponent’s hand.

Try to place a small bet. Your opponent will miss the flop most of the time and will therefore fold.

Answer, answer, rise

When Villain calls on the flop, calls on the turn, and then, out of nowhere, raises the bets on the river – this player has far-reaching plans.

The rest of the players think that since they have followed this opponent all the way to the river, they should call the final bet. What really happens is they lose their chips.

Don’t get fooled by this. Pay attention to the next time your opponent changes direction on the river.